Feature Film

Seventeen-year-old Georgia and her best friend Ashley are all set for a wild summer at the caravan park. With them is Tammy, devastated to be away from her boyfriend for a whole week and Lisa, optimistic with her bulk-buy forty-pack of condoms. They're parent-free, Georgia's off her v-plates and they have fake ID's for the famous New Years Eve party at the surf club. But when they arrive they are met by Georgia’s childhood nemesis Jackson and his awkward friend Damien. Ashley immediately falls for Damien and the week is hijacked by their perfect summer romance.

The story of a friendship challenged by first love, Starfish navigates the dark and hilarious minefield of teenage sex from a female perspective.

Starfish was nominated for the Monte Miller prize at the Australian Writers Guild Awards 2013, which recognises unproduced feature scripts.

STATUS: In development

WRITERS: Stephen Sholl, Hannah Moon, Robin Geradts-Gill

DIRECTOR: Hannah Moon